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Why SEAN courses work

One of the things that has confounded pundits and surprised us all is the near universal acceptance of SEAN in most denominations and many countries. SEAN has effectively cut through the barriers and united people of all nations and social and educational levels.

The reasons for this are that SEAN courses:

  1. Are well prepared. SEAN courses have been prepared with theological depth, educational skill and, most important of all, have been rigorously field tested.

  2. Are Biblical and interdenominational. They are firmly based on Scripture and SEAN has been very sensitive to denominational divisions. So, if there is a point that causes division, it is left open-ended for the local Church to provide the point of view of the denomination.

  3. Are simple yet profound. Like Jesus' teaching, everybody can understand yet the teachings provoke discussion and demand an answer.

  4. Are self-teaching and not academically exclusive. Someone has illustrated Theological Education as a fireman's ladder with the bottom 20 rungs missing. In most places, to read Theology, a student must already have a degree. SEAN has filled in the bottom rungs so that even students of limited educational background can gradually climb the ladder. In fact, in several parts of the world SEAN students who would not have dreamed of obtaining a degree have now done so, and with excellence.

  5. Are easy to use and economic to buy. The programmed instructional method has made learning easy and remembering even easier. Students are taught to underline and colour-code their Bibles and add significant notes.

  6. Promote discussion and further investigation. The whole point of the Home Studies is to enable students to reflect on what they are studying and have a desire to deepen their understanding of Scripture. All Home Study is then discussed and applied in the Group Study.

  7. Promote fellowship and ministry. Over the months, most SEAN Study Groups become bonded as friends and form ministry teams. There are many examples of SEAN Study Groups evangelising, visiting and even planting new congregations.


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