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SEAN's Vision, Mission & Value Statements


SEAN’s vision is to see; ‘Local churches worldwide empowering all their members for whole life discipleship, mission and ministry in their context.’


Our mission will be achieved through;

  • Providing accessible, biblical training materials,
  • partnering with others to make them available globally,
  • & equipping them to use the materials effectively in each context.


For SEAN International to effectively and efficiently work towards achieving our vision and mission, we believe how we work is just as important as what we do. As a result, through out all we do we seek to uphold the following values of...

We are committed to prayer as a key foundation on which all our work is established and as an integral part of our life together. We believe that nothing of lasting value can be done unless it is bathed in prayer.

Biblical Discipleship
Out of our dedication to the God revealed in the scriptures, we are committed to helping local churches in their task of making disciples of all nations, building up the body of Christ to maturity and passing on what has been learnt to others.

Embracing the model of Jesus who came not to be served but to serve, we seek to honour God by giving our best in the service of others. As we stand alongside each other together we hope to encourage one another to persevere and know the joy of the Lord as our strength.

We are committed to partnership based on good relationships with our partners, supporters and colleagues, showing humility and integrity in our dealings with others.

Local Ownership & Leadership
We are a grassroots organization and are committed to working with indigenous TEE programmes in partnership with local churches to encourage local church ownership and leadership of the programmes. We believe these are the best people to understand and apply the courses to their local context.

We desire to make our courses accessible in terms of;

  • Understanding (Education levels should not be a barrier to someone working through our materials)
  • Language & culture (We seek to support contextualised & relevant materials in the locally spoken language)
  • Availability – we want churches to be able to get hold of our courses wherever they are based.
  • Affordability – (we wish that cost be a barrier to no one seeking to study our courses.)

Six Elements of SEAN's Mission

Green Circles – refer to elements of SEAN’s mission are primarily about serving partners.
Red Circles – refer to elements mainly relating to SEAN’s own operation & needs
Orange Circles – refer to elements that have a shared benefit to both SEAN & partners.


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