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One Vacancy filled on SEAN International Executive Committee -|- News from Korea
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Dear Friend of SEAN
We trust you are encouraged in your faith and service for our Lord. It gives us great pleasure to send you a selection of news items showing how God continues to use SEAN.

News of SEAN International Director Terry Barratt

SEAN International Director, Terry Barratt and his wife Pancha have long planned to concentrate their work on SEAN while still being based in Chile. Last year Terry handed over his Archdeacon's role and more recently his role as Pastor of San Pedro church in Vina del Mar. The hand-over to a new Chilean Pastor went well. Terry reports "we recently had 19 confirmations (mostly new converts from the world - not re-cycled Christians!) and the Church was packed - a girl was actually converted in the service itself." Terry and Pancha have moved into a flat and are now focusing on developing SEAN discipling materials world-wide (already in more than 70 languages and in use in over 100 countries). Terry's work as International Director will be earthed in their continuing to teach the use of SEAN high up in the Andes. Their students are eight leaders and their wives representing the four congregations of Mapuche Indians in the Pehuenche area of the Andes. Terry and Pancha recently attended the inauguration of the new Chapel Peniel (the face of God) by Bishop Abelino, seen right. Their plan is to teach four days each month. About this time of year, the Pehuenches take their goats and animals to the high pastures, and camp out - thus having little to do. Terry and Pancha can then use the time teaching classes in the morning. The students will then direct and preach at the evangelistic evenings - with the whole community present.

We've just heard that the health of Terry's parents living in Devon, England is causing concern. Terry and Pancha have therefore returned to the UK to be with them for a month.


Extracts from letters received

From Ecuador: "I, Isidro Freile Alcivar, a rural pastor in Buena Fe, 69 years old and with 36 years in the ministry of Jesus Christ, greet you wishing that the Holy Spirit will guide you daily as you teach the Church in Latin America. I can only attribute to the goodness of God and the wisdom of the Holy Spirit that He has deposited in you the discernment to have organized the course in such a way that it is like a chess game that teaches just the right lesson at the right time."
In response to SEAN Abundant Life on Radio: M. Kishore from Andhra Pradesh India writes, "The day I heard your programme, I was filled with joy. I battle with Satan every day and I believe that God is going to give me joy in my heart as I hear your messages." Brother Raju K.M from Tamil Nadu India writes, "I am an evangelist and find your programme very useful and good. It is spiritually uplifting." Karma from Bhutan writes in an email, "I have a keen interest in knowing more about God ever since I started listening to your programme."


One Vacancy filled on SEAN International Executive Committee

In our last Newsletter, we requested prayer for one or two new people to reinforce the Executive Committee. We're pleased to announce that Sue Radford has agreed to join. Sue, now living in Walsall has run scores of SEAN courses in the UK and is keen to see their use all over the world. With another member of the committee retiring soon, a second new person is needed, perhaps someone with experience who could produce future issues of this Newsletter. Please pray - as well as giving thanks to God for Sue.

Further information from the Chairman Canon Tony Thompson Phone 01273 440182.


SEAN Where it is Most Needed - News from Korea

Korea TEE (Theological Education by Extension) has recently held a training seminar to launch SEAN studies for several rural and fishing villages in Korea. Held at Hoori Retreat Centre, it was supported by the Gaepodong Church of Seoul. Korea TEE report: "About eighty pastors from rural and fishing villages attended. These brothers are doing their ministry in very harsh conditions. The people in those areas are not paid well and so many young people move away to the cities. These villages are our nearest mission field and we are planning to have a seminar for them every year."



Trustee Back in the Philippines
Carol Freeman pictured left, is a Trustee of SEAN International. Carol and husband Tim until five years ago were serving in the Philippines. Last year they were able to visit and encourage many of the people in the villages with whom they had shared the Gospel. Here Carol is holding the daughter of a woman who was that same age herself, when they first moved to the child's village of Culalabat.

Carol and Tim used SEAN in their ministry and Carol wrote the course, 'The Spirit World - freedom in Christ for people hurt or oppressed by Satan and sin'. Carol is Professor of Christian Ministries and Cross-Cultural Communication at Bethany College of Missions, Minneapolis USA.

New SEAN Trustee
Peter Bissett has agreed to become a Trustee of SEAN International. For many years Peter served with ITEEN in Nepal facilitating a remarkable training programme there, built on the use of SEAN Courses.


Snippets from Around the World

The course Abundant Life is now in Japanese (produced in Korea), in Low German in Canada and in Wichí in Northern Argentina. There are new partners in English and Spanish in Belize. Several missions take SEAN into Cuba. In Colombia, Abundant Life is being used with teenagers – same content, but illustrations and layout are designed for youngsters - there are over 2000 graduates and the movement is growing. There's a new audio CD for the Hebrew course – it has three reading rates: 1. Slow - word by word: 2 slow - Verse by verse; 3. As sung in the Synagogue. The Christian Prison Ministry in Thailand is going to use SEAN in its programme, in Thai. Middle East Christians are in touch with the Philippines to obtain materials in Tagalog for their courses with Filipino workers. From Papua New Guinea, SEAN has now spread to the Solomon Isles - with workshops for tutors. Students are so keen they buy extra candles and kerosene to be able to study when the generator goes off! In PNG itself, the programme is supported by selling eggs and day-old chicks! St Paul's Church, South Harrow in London has started a Tamil course alongside their English one. (taken from annual reports to the SEAN Trustees)

New 'Friends of SEAN' leaflet

We've made available a new leaflet explaining what it means to be a Friend of SEAN. Would readers please consider who they might introduce to this growing work. Copies are available from the address below.

Once again thank you for your interest in SEAN. We trust the sample of news we've been able to share with you here, has encouraged you. You'd be surprised how much other news we receive, of what God is doing through the use of SEAN materials in over 100 countries world-wide - too much to include here! Please pray on for SEAN - and in particular for Terry and Pancha Barratt as they focus on SEAN.


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