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What some prominent Christian leaders have said about SEAN

"We never knew before such a good tool. Through this we know God loves the Chinese Church and chooses us. We know we are not worthy, but the Life of Christ course has built up our life - it is no longer theory it has become a life application to trust God in everything and to be like Christ and love people."
A Church Elder - China
(This testimony was given at the first ever SEAN ‘Life of Christ’ Course graduation in mainland China.)

"Having followed the expansion of the SEAN courses with interest and thanksgiving to the Lord, I hope that many more groups will use this material."
The late Rev. Dr. John Stott

"Evangelism is not enough... We need to mobilize leaders for the enormous resources we have in our workforce. We should remember that Jesus trained ordinary people on the march, not academics in a Seminary. I hope that courses such as SEAN, under God, will give the necessary impulse to revive biblical discipleship in our churches."
Rev. Dr. Michael Green

"In the different secular and theological studies I have undertaken I have never found a course such as SEAN, which has the ability to train from the simplest person up to those at university level. The only explanation is that "The Great Master" has had a hand in this work in a very special way."
The late Rev. Dr. Pablo Rois Dios
Rector of FIET Spain (Facultad Internacional de Educación Teológica)

"After working 25 years developing preparation for ministry programmes in 23 countries, I can categorically say that the material produced by SEAN is God's answer to theological education for thousands of Christian leaders around the world. I have seen ministries renewed, churches transformed and a new generation of pastors who are able to "proclaim the word of truth" as a direct result of the SEAN courses."
Rev. Dr. Norberto Saracco,
Rector of FIET Argentina (Facultad Internacional de Educación Teológica)

"During my days as a missionary in Latin America, no training programme was more effective and more fun to administer than SEAN. For 14 years, since returning to Canada, I have continued promoting the Compendium of Pastoral Theology, and the other courses, in our Christian and Missionary Alliance churches. Even today I'm using the Pentateuch series to disciple young men. It's the most effective discipling tool I have known in 44 years of ministry."
Dr. Arnold Cook,
past President of the C&MA Canada, 1992-2000,
past President of the Alliance World Fellowship, 2000-04.

"SEAN/TEE, for me, is a progressive bible study to enhance my belief. Through this study, I have enjoyed the opportunity to understand the nature of belief more concisely and I have been able to apply the Word of God to my life with joy. I can proudly say that the study is a carrier to deliver me into 'Being a good Christian - a child of God living with the Word.' I thank God, and pray for SEAN/TEE getting progressive forever."
An, Joo-Sub
Elder, Central Military Church of Korea
Professor, Korea National Defence University


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