China Update

[This is the a recent report written by HS our partner serving China – all names are concealed for security reasons ]

"Owing to your prayers, we came back safe, sound and healthy, after a month long campaign in China. The fruit was abundant and, as always, God was faithful and has shown by many details that He was with us.

First is the fund for production of the
Life of Christ in China:

It is a long story, but I will make it brief. From this trip, my partner, JL found a very wealthy Christian businessman who is willing to support the production of the Life of Christ in China. This businessman already gave JL 50,000 RMB. This year $15,000 (US) was raised from abroad in order to print 6,000 books in China. In the future, the fund will come from the within.

Second is the storage for keeping TEE textbooks:

One of the students in a TEE class is owner of a furniture factory and a good friend of JL. His business is doing really well. He is a full time itinerant preacher of a family church group (30,000 members), while his wife is running the business.

He offered his warehouse for keeping the TEE textbooks. Now that JL will print several thousand books, he could store all the books in this brother's warehouse. From this warehouse, books will be shipped out to wherever TEE textbooks are needed. JL promised that he will make these books available to any qualified persons including Korean missionaries.

Third is the reproduction:

We (JL, his wife and us) are training a total of 6 groups, totaling 57 students. On average, each group consists of 1 College graduate, 2 High School graduates, and the rest middle school. Many of them are full time ministers (equivalent to preaching elders). None of them has received theological training. Family churches have no ordained pastors. TEE is ideal for the church leaders in China.

One of the six group started TEE training in January of this year. They have finished Book 4 of the Life of Christ. They also have received training on how to use the Abundant Life and some of the students are now using it in their ministry. There are 9 students in this group. They are going to start leading the Life of Christ at the end of this year or early next year. There will be 7 classes. Reproduction process is about to begin!

By far the most popular course is the Abundant Life. Chinese churches find it to be most suitable for the campus ministry and the factory ministry. Factory laborers are called Min Gong. About 20% of the Chinese population is Min Gong. They are young and live together in a dormitory provided by the factory. It is an excellent chance to evangelize and train.

One of the students mentioned in the above group, Peter, is leading several Abundant Life classes in factories. He, in cooperation with us, has printed 10,000 copies. Again, he raised all the necessary funds from Christian businessmen.


It has been decided to push the Life of Christ, Abundant Life and Abundant Light as hard as possible. Other TEE courses will be offered as 'selective.'

One group will complete training in April, 2008, and another group in July, 2008. As each group completes training, we will add new groups.

We will maintain our student selecting criteria stringent. Students must be:

  • Top leaders within each group, from as many churches as possible.
  • Full time ministers.

Students with no commitment will not be allowed to continue. To date, we have dropped 4 students from the existing groups.

Since 2000, Korean missionaries have trained thousands of Chinese church leaders. These Chinese church leaders are training other leaders and now Chinese missionaries from abroad are also joining the TEE training. So the outlook looks very positive.




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