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How to best use SEAN courses

SEAN courses are most effective when they are used within the context of a well established TEE programme. In this diagram of CIPEP in Northern Colombia you can see how the denomination has taken TEE seriously.

They have named a Director and admin personnel for the central office. They have also named Coordinators for each main zone. Then each zone has been divided into Regions and each Region into local Study Groups (P).

This programme has over 3800 students a year, it is entirely self funding and the denomination has grown dramatically over the past 10 years, in spite of the guerrilla and drug war that has blighted Colombia.

As part of the above organization they have a well-established study programme that begins with those who learn to read and write and continues up to Seminary level.

Finally the whole study programme is carefully organized to fit in with the school year in Colombia and to harmonise with the denominational calendar.

W = Workshops which includes a general revision and an exam
S = Seminar which is a Workshop plus lectures by visiting professors.
The numbers are the courses done between the Work Shops and the Seminars.
Usually they do three SEAN courses a year.


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