SEAN International
is a foundation dedicated to writing Bible courses for TEE (Theological Education by Extension). These courses are licensed or sold to Churches or Bible Institutes that use them to enable and mobilise God's people in discipleship, evangelism and ministry.

SEAN is interdenominational and has been serving the Church for over 40 years in more than 100 countries and 70 languages. SEAN courses have been specially prepared for use by ordinary people, without the pre-requisite of higher education or advanced theology.
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Inside you will find the titles and descriptions of all of our Courses available in English along with a list of the 70 or more Languages into which some SEAN courses have been translated.

Addresses for the main SEAN links are provided here. We can provide you with an extensive list of the many TEE programmes that use SEAN throughout the world. If you want to find out the best place to buy our courses in your part of the world, or know more about SEAN, please Contact Us.


Katie EnglandKatie began her missionary career in 1958 in the South of Chile serving the Native Mapuche churches around Maquehue Pelal. Her intelligence, versatility and charisma led her to run a Student Hostel, then a shop, a farm and eventually to use her teaching talents in the newly formed Quepe Bible Institute. It was during this time that she worked with Tony Barratt training Mapuche leaders to pastor their local congregations and where the initial seed of “SEAN” was planted.

In 1971 she became a founder member of SEAN International and one of the key teacher/authors who contributed to the Abundant Life and Life of Christ courses, which are now used all over the world.

Katie returned to the UK in 1979 to care for her elderly Step parents, but together with other ministries, she continued with SEAN as a Trustee and eventually as Chair Person of the Board of Trustees for many years.

Katie is known, appreciated and loved by many in many ministries not least by SEAN. She was with us to the end, as the day before the Lord took her to Glory, she phoned to say that she was praying for us as we met for the 2015 SEAN Trustee meeting. She is much loved and will be sorely missed by us all.

The SEAN team

Once again, Welcome... Come in, and may God bless you!

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